How to play:

Control your character by using the mouse. Attack the enemies by using left mouse button.

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Continue to meet and fight more opponents in a great Multiplayer iO game called! The game takes you to a savage battle where surviving is the only goal that all players want to obtain. You will have to direct your character and go around to destroy lots of enemies. Make sure you aim accurately, and begin to shoot them down before they take you out. While battling, you also need to keep your stats upgraded over time, such as maximum health, speed damage, and so on. The upgraded stats will make you stronger than any enemies, giving you a higher possibility to become the ace of the round. Always keep an eye on the surroundings and try your hardest to survive longer! Feel free to prove your excellent skills to the whole world and dominate the whole arena. Alright, it’s time to experience it. Join this iO game right now. Wish you luck! v

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